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Helping youth and young adults succeed
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Our Mission to help youth and young adults succeed in every facet of life.

Approximately 24,000 American teenagers in foster care turn 18 years old each year.

Often at 18 years of age many are expected to move out and start their lives on their own. Many still in high school, these teens find themselves in need of jobs, a place to live, and transportation to get around.


Unfortunately, national studies have shown that within 2-4 years of leaving foster care at age 18:


were homeless


were receiving public assistance or were incarcerated


experienced drug and alcohol abuse


had not finished
high school


were unemployed


became parents

How We Help

YouTube Content

Our You Tube Channel continues to add videos covering the topics youth and young adults are interested in today. You owe it to yourself to take a few minutes and explore what all is available. And here’s the great thing, if you don’t see the topic you’re looking for, message us and we may just put something together for you.


We provide mentoring and life coaching to young people who need a positive person in their life. Mentoring is available in a few different formats:

  • Through the Zoom app we’ll meet in a small group to discuss various topics.
  • We provide small group meetings in various locations throughout our area. These groups could be on Saturday morning to grab breakfast and talk, Sunday lunch, or during the weekday after school and work.
  • In some cases we provide one on one mentoring, however, we truly believe in the power and accountability of a small group.

LIFE Talks

We provide what we call LIFE Talks at different venues and times throughout the year. It’s our version of TED Talks free to young people and usually have great food and snacks. LIFE Talks can honestly be about anything. We could have a session covering Business, Relationships, Religion, and Family Dynamics just to name a few. Life Talks will also address the heated topics of our world today, but will do so in an educational format so that all can learn and develop ways to make the world a more positive place.  

About The Narrow Gate Project

The Narrow Gate Project (NGP) is a faith based mentoring initiative passionate about helping youth and young adults succeed in life and works to bring assistance to youth populations such as those aging out of the foster care system.

NGP is a new non-profit spearheaded by seasoned professionals and will launch in the Cumberland County and surrounding areas of NC in August of 2019.

For more information please contact us at (910) 670-6346.

The Narrow Gate Project | (910)670-6346

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